Little Boat Float

Want to get REAL wet?  Go for a ride in one of our mini-rafts.  On this trip you will travel down the river in a 10' raft with a guide and three companions.  This will be an adventure you wont soon forget !  You will surf holes, maybe flip over and probably do some swimming.  You will definitely have fun! So grab three friends and be prepared for anything on this trip.


Party of four required

Lower River- $55/person   Upper river- $65/person

Yellowstone River Half Day

Come with us and experience a beautiful stretch of the mighty Yellowstone.  Absaroka River Adventures has worked out a private takeout with Special K Ranch, so come enjoy a part of the yellowstone few get to enjoy. A little mix of whitewater, incredible scenery, wildlife, Stand Up paddle boards free to try on all trips, without a doubt the best yellowstone trip available.  Adult beverages allowed . ( No glass, cans only)

                                                                  Minimum party of 4 required

                                                              ( unless we have room with others )

                                                               Adults- $45.00  Children- $30.00